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born in Tallinn, passed elementary and secondary school in Rakvere

graduated from the Estonian Art University

art teacher at schools and art studios in Tallinn

specialist of teaching methods of art education at the In-Service Teachers’ Training Centre

arrangement of representative exhibition of Estonian students and speech in Prague at the World Congress of INSEA (International Society for Education through Art)

arrangement of different republic-wide student exhibitions
creative Works and international conferences of art education in Tallinn

study trip to Eastern Africa, Lebanon and Greece

application for postgraduate studies in Germany; getting consent from Humboldt University of Berlin and veto from Moscow

member of the Estonian Artists’ League and INSEA

postgraduate studies at the College of Pedagogical Research and passing preliminary examinations of candidate’s degree (psychology, pedagogics, statistics and philosophy)

chairman of the commission for aesthetic education of youth at the Estonian Artists’ League

arrangement of students’ and art teachers’ exhibitions of creative works in regional centers of Estonia, Tallinn, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Germany (repeatedly); in Hungary, Japan, Poland, Finland and Sweden

chairman of the council of art education at Estonia’s Ministry of Education

passing examinations of candidate’s degree in Tallinn at the Academy of Sciences and in Moscow at the Academy of Pedagogics

founder and chairman of the Estonian Society for Education through Art

expert of art education at the Estonian Centre of Education, State Board of Education and Museum of Pedagogics

art teacher at the International School of Tallinn

organizer and participant at study trips and study sessions in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Germany (repeatedly); in Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria and Italy

researcher at the department of art in Estonian Museum of Theatre and Music and Academy of Arts

art teacher at the International School of Estonia


exhibitions of creative works in Tallinn



Main fields of art creativity during last 15 years are prevailingly water colour and acrylic paintings, sketches for stained glass windows and pictures.

Issued different materials of art education: instructional films and books for art teachers, brochures about study trips, programs for schools etc


“Four Steps”and “Creativity and Art Education” – films with Rein Maran

“Children and Art” – book with articles of art education and pictures of children’s creative works

“Estonian Art Teachers in Norway” – illustrated brochure

“Estonian Art Teachers in Germany” – illustrated brochure

“Subject Book of Art Education” for the new curriculum


Articles in different books, newspapers and special brochures of conferences. Languages: Estonian, German, Russian, English

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